Welcome to Bostonconcertreviews.com!

This site is dedicated to reviewing live performances in all genres of music in and around Boston as well as at other music festivals – wherever the joyful pursuit of listening to music leads. In conjunction with timely reviews of concerts, this site will also feature reviews of recommended audiophile recordings that are either directly associated with the artists involved or inspired by their music in concert. The pursuit of good sound and high fidelity will always be the primary goals in the music reviews that appear on this site. All recordings will be critically auditioned in either their vinyl or CD/SACD formats on systems whose components have been selected for their reference quality from my years of reviewing audio equipment and music for several audiophile publications. Finally, to encourage a spirit of collectivity and companionship, reader contributions, meet-ups and listening sessions will always be welcome.

This site is dedicated first to my parents, Ralphine and Jack Brill, who introduced me to the love of music at home and encouraged me to seek out live music as a youth. These included regular sessions at the Young People’s Concerts with Leonard Bernstein at the New York Philharmonic in the 1960’s and to Grateful Dead concerts in their glory days. There was never a time in our home that music was not playing in my father’s study.

This site is also dedicated to my  friend and mentor in the Art of Critical Listening, Harry Pearson, the founder of the original Absolute Sound magazine. “HP” (as he was affectionately known by audiophiles around the world), was a hero to all who voraciously sought out his pearls of wisdom contained in his sharp and sparkling essays. It was one of life’s great pleasures to try and keep pace with HP’s roving genius. In his early years as a journalist in the South, HP was one of those courageous journalists who covered the civil rights movement and its associated court trials, as well as the anti-war movement of the 1960’s and early 1970’s. Later, turning his journalistic talent to the world of music and audiophile science, HP founded the Absolute Sound and invented a new language for understanding the art of critical listening. HP wrote with unequaled independence of mind, exquisite dexterity (and a sharp wit) about his listening sessions at his beloved Sea Cliff home . Such sessions became the stuff of legend for audiophiles. Many of us dreamed of visiting HP and partaking in one of his listening sessions. I was most fortunate to have such an opportunity to share in his camaraderie and the joy of many a listening session with him.

HP’s essays and reviews motivated countless readers to search out his famous “HP List” of great recordings and to get themselves to a concert hall to catch the latest artist that HP was discussing. In his prime, HP was a fulcrum around which audiophile dialogue and great passion about music revolved. He was a bold, brilliant and beautiful human being.

HP died at his home in Sea Cliff, New York on November 4, 2014 at the age of 77. It is hoped that a bit of his inspiration, mentorship and love continues to be present in these pages that are written in his honor.